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Minimax Production is an audio/video production founded by Alfian Emir Adytia and his wife in 2021. Initiated to support a collective music-film project, 'Di Antara' for Covid-19 fundraising relief for the people in Yogyakarta. With only one Sony camera, a gift by his mother which was almost being sold due to survival reason in pandemic times, Alfian with the support of his colleagues and wife turned this situation into an opportunity to learn and start crafting in filming and audio.

Di Antara (2021)

After a successful crowdfunding campaign and screening of 'Di Antara' in Gouda, Minimax Production continued its journey by investing in a better audio and video equipments. Since 2022, MP has been supporting professional musicians, singers, artists and creators in providing high quality audio recording, mixing/mastering as well as profile video, music video and event aftermovie.

Audio/video support for voice and lute duo project by Iris and Punto (2023)

Video support for Jonge Maestro music school (2023)

Learn more about our works on our YouTube channel and Instagram. Stay in touch with us in Facebook or email

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